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I’ve wanted to be an artist all my life. Since I was a child I’ve drawn on any scrap of paper I could get a hold of. When I went to San Jose State University, I became more exposed to the works of the great fine artists and illustrators. My college paintings were heavily influenced by the humorous illustrations of Peter De Seve, an illustrator for the New Yorker magazine. I also fell under the spell of the great muralists of the 1930s, especially Thomas Hart Benton and Diego Rivera. I graduated with a degree in Illustration. Since my time in college, my goal has been to be a successful children’s book illustrator. I’ve illustrated 3 books: Two Moms the Zark and Me by Johnny Valentine in 1993; Night Travelers by Sue Hill in 1994; and Cherubic Children’s New Classic Story Book Volume 2 for Cherubic Press in 1998. I’ve painted murals for Lester Shields Elementary School in San Jose, the Berryessa branch of the San Jose Public Library, and Grace Community Church in Los Altos. I’ve had a few illustrations published in South Bay Accent Magazine and I will have an illustration published in the January/February issue of Tikkun magazine.

Groupthink and the Importance of Independent Thought

This has been a week choke full of news, with Senator Jeff Flake’s recent speech imploring Republicans to stand up to President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the growing polarization between conservative Americans and progressive … Continue reading

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August Landmesser, Donald Trump and the National Anthem

A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump made statements that he thought NFL owners should fire any football players who kneel during the national anthem.  When people debated about the right to protest and respecting the military, I thought of … Continue reading

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We Stand Indivisible Solidarity Rally – October 2017

On Friday, October 20, 2017, I went to Mountain View to attend a rally organized by the progressive group Indivisible. The group wanted to show their support for various progressive causes in light of the recent actions by the Trump … Continue reading

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Senator Jeff Flake and Frank Capra’s Vision of a Democratic America

When I watched Senator Jeff Flake’s speech a few days ago, it reminded me of Frank Capra’s movie Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Like Senator Flake, Frank Capra and his collaborators were worried about the threats to our democratic traditions … Continue reading

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Protecting Democratic Traditions and Returning to Collaboration and Compromise

One of the things that distresses me the most about today’s political climate is hyperpartisanship and the lack of respect for differences of opinion. This manifests itself in many ways. Both the Left and the Right have their partisans that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression

This past year has got me thinking a lot about the freedom of speech and expression. During this time, there have been protests against conservative and Alt Right figures speaking in college campuses. President Trump has attacked the right of … Continue reading

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A Rally Against White Nationalist Hate in the San Francisco Civic Center – August 2017

On Saturday, August 26, 2017 I went to the San Francisco Civic Center to join in a political rally against the hatred and bigotry of a planned white supremacist rally elsewhere in the city. The images of the white nationalist … Continue reading

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