The Importance of a Civic Education

Over the course of my life I’ve noticed that the level of political discourse has taken a steep decline. Instead of the give-and-take of a healthy dialogue, too often we’ve seen two monologues going past each other as both the Left and the Right seem more interested in shouting each other down than engaging in a constructive conversation. Today, it seems like people only know how to troll and demean those who disagree and they no longer know how to have any sort of constructive conversation. People seem more interested in bullying and coercing others into agreeing with them rather than trying to persuade them with reasoned arguments. Or else they try to silence those who persist in disagreeing.

I’m a liberal, but I remember in the 1980s and early 1990s being able to have civil and informative conversations with my conservative friends. Over the years, it became more difficult to find conservative friends whom one could have the normal give-and-take of a civil discourse on political issues. Several progressive friends told me that they had similar experiences and they blame the rise of Fox News. Recently I accidently got a chance to watch 10 minutes of Sean Hannity in Fox and it was an exasperating experience. There are legitimate criticisms of the Democrats and the Left. But Hannity wasn’t giving legitimate criticisms, he was just mouthing right wing propaganda to demonize Democrats.

I’m mainly focused on my bad experiences with conservatives. But the more extreme elements of the Left can be just as guilty of demeaning those whom they disagree. In 2016, I had some bad experiences with some of the more extreme Bernie Sanders supporters. That same year, I got into some arguments with Filipino leftists who were trying to defend President Rodrigo Duterte’s extrajudicial killings.

Our democratic republic is based on the idea that people of differing views can debate the issues, compromise when the debate reaches an impasse, and find common ground to reach some consensus. No group or ideology has a monopoly on truth. Progressives, moderates, conservatives, democratic socialists, libertarians all are right some of the time, and they are all wrong some of the time. It’s important to have a diversity of views to point out the blind spots in all of our thinking and viewpoints. Without a healthy respect for differences of opinion, it’s impossible to have the give-and-take of ideas that is the lifeblood of a healthy democracy.

The argument that I am making is just basic Civics 101. This argument shouldn’t be controversial to people, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum, if they have a shared commitment to democratic values. I’ve read that many schools have dropped civics from their curriculum, and this has led many Americans to be ignorant of our constitutional government and our rights and duties as citizens in a democratic republic.

In this 2018 CBS Sunday morning segment, Mo Rocca talked with Supreme Court Associate Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Neil Gorsuch about the importance of civics education. Rocca also talks with Eric Liu, who created Citizen University to help cultivate the values of good citizenship; and with Chicago social studies teacher Mary Ellen Daneels, who uses what passes for politics these days as object lessons in how not to be a good citizen.

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I’ve wanted to be an artist all my life. Since I was a child I’ve drawn on any scrap of paper I could get a hold of. When I went to San Jose State University, I became more exposed to the works of the great fine artists and illustrators. My college paintings were heavily influenced by the humorous illustrations of Peter De Seve, an illustrator for the New Yorker magazine. I also fell under the spell of the great muralists of the 1930s, especially Thomas Hart Benton and Diego Rivera. I graduated with a degree in Illustration. Angelo Lopez has had illustrations published in Tikkun Magazine, the Palo Alto Daily News and Z Magazine. From April 2008 to May 2011, Angelo's cartoons were regularly published in the Tri-City Voice, a weekly newspaper that covers the Fremont, Hayward, Milpitas, Neward, Sunol and Union City areas in California. He did a political webcomic starring his cartoon character Jasper for the progressive blogsite Everyday Citizen. Since December 2011, Angelo does a regular weekly political cartoon for the Philippine News Today, a Filipino American newspaper based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Angelo is a member of the Sunnyvale Art Club, and the Northern California chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. During the 1990s, he was a member of the part-timer workers SEIU unit in the city of Sunnyvale. Angelo won the 2013, 2015 and 2016 and 2018 Sigma Delta Chi award for editorial cartooning for newspapers with a circulation under 100,000. He has also won the 2016 RFK Book and Journalism Award for Editorial Cartoons. Angelo won first prize for the Best of the West contest in 2016 and third prize in 2017. Angelo is married to Lisa Reeber. They enjoy taking walks, watching movies and hanging out with their nieces.
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  1. Hi, Angelo–I lost your e-mail when a tech put Windows 10 on my computer. Would you send it to me?

  2. Also, I’ll read this when I get a moment. It seems like ‘sheltering in place” means I have too many projects to work on.

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