Supporting Elizabeth Warren

As an Elizabeth Warren supporter, I have to admit that the Iowa and New Hampshire results were disappointing. I’m still going to stay with Warren until the end though because I still think she is the best of a good field of Democratic candidates. I support Elizabeth Warren because she has an ambitious series of proposals to create a more equitable economy for all Americans. I think economic inequality is one of the biggest problems in this country and it has led to a whole host or problems. To those who say her proposals are too radical, I would tell them to compare her proposals to Roosevelt’s New Deal, Truman’s Fair Deal, Kennedy’s New Frontier or Johnson’s Great Society. Warren is well within the mainstream of liberal Democratic tradition.

If she decides to drop out of the race, the next two candidates that I would consider would be Klobucher and Sanders, with a slight edge to Klobucher. I like both. I’m liberal, but I don’t see moderates as being the enemy. I think our political culture has to get out of the mindset where we see those who disagree with us as being enemies.

There is a lot worry by Democrats who are looking for a perfect candidate. A perfect candidate does not exist. Every candidate will have their strengths and weaknesses. I support Warren fully knowing she has gifts and flaws, and that if she becomes President she’ll have her achievements and failures. That is true of Sanders, Klobucher, Buttigieg, Biden or any Democratic President. Even if our candidate gets elected, we still have to go to protests, attend city council meetings, lobby our Representatives and Senators, and be a part of a social movement to pressure the political system to enact necessary political changes.

Many people pick a candidate on purely ideological terms. I’m not one of those people. Ideologically Warren comes the closest to my own political philosophy. But I also think she is tough, is knowledgeable on policy, is a good political strategist, and has legislative skills. There are a whole host of things that I think of when I consider a President.

Will this candidate have the toughness to withstand Trump’s personal attacks and have the communication skills to get their message through the right wing din?

Does this candidate have the strategic thinking to overcome the obstructionism of Mitch McConnell and the Freedom Caucus? Without that strategic thinking, no ambitious program can pass.

Does this candidate have the skill set to govern if the Republicans have majorities in one or both houses of Congress?

If the Democrats win majorities in both houses of Congress, can this candidate establish a good working relationship with Democratic congressional leaders to pass their agenda? Jimmy Carter began his presidency with large Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, the kind of Democratic majorities seen during the New Deal and Great Society. Carter, though, had a contentious relationship with Democratic congressional leaders like Tip O’Neill and Ted Kennedy and didn’t accomplish as much as he could have.

Can this candidate bridge the divide between the white blue collar communities that support Trump and the minority communities that are threatened by Trump? This is very important, as the racial divisions threaten our democratic republic and mire us in xenophobia and white nationalism. We need to find a way to bridge those racial divides to steer vulnerable disaffected white individuals away from white nationalists and the Alt Right.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said her campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination can unite Americans around a variety of ideas, including closing the wealth gap. “Our campaign is best positioned to beat Donald Trump in November because we can unite this country,” Warren said, speaking as results from the New Hampshire primary were still being reported.

Julian Castro talks with Maya Rupert about why he endorsed Elizabeth Warren and why he’s ready for President Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren is grateful for every single one of the 120+ Latinas, Lations, and Latinx people endorsements of Warren as President, and she’ll keep fighting so that every family has the opportunity to thrive.

Rhiana Gunn-Wright, one of the architects of the Green New Deal, on why she supports Elizabeth Warren for president.

Ayanna Pressley Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

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