Two Book Collections of My Editorial Cartoons

Hi everyone. I just finished putting my editorial cartoons into 2 books that I am selling on Amazon. Amazon has a section called Createspace where anyone can publish their own books, so I thought I’d try it out. I was originally going to collect my editorial cartoons in one book, not two, but Createspace has a 400 MB limit for book submissions, and I didn’t like how my cartoons looked. I am not the most technically proficient person on the computer, so I spent a month trying to figure out how to fix my mistakes on Adobe Illustrator.

I decided to create a third book collecting my Bible cartoons where I used InDesign instead of Adobe Illustrator and it was easier to create a PDF file that the Createspace website would accept. When I finish this I’ll post this on my blog. In the meanwhile here are my two books of my editorial cartoons.

My first book is called Hard Knocks and it collects my editorial cartoons from 2008 to 2012. These are cartoons from the Tri-City Voice, the Philippines Today, and the Cartoon Movement.

Here is what my fellow cartoonists wrote about Hard Knocks:

“Editorial cartoons (good ones, anyway) make the reader think. What sets Angelo’s cartoons apart is an underlying sense of humanity in his art and his message. They not only make you think, they make you feel.”
JOHN AUCHTER Editorial Cartoonist for MLive Media Group, Auchtoon!

“Angelo’s political cartoons are both enlightening and compelling, his unique style and attention to detail has a distinctive way conveying his point of view. He has a very illustrative style using line variety and cross hatching to make each cartoon a superb piece of art! The one thing I love most about his work is how his Political cartoons give voice to and provoke dialogue about critical issues such as racism, class, gender, war, freedom, human dignity, ecology, and consumerism.”
DAVID G. BROWN NAACP Image award winning cartoonist for the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper

“Angelo Lopez is a truly unique voice in editorial cartooning. Both the form and content of his work are a perfect reflection of the man who created it. Employing a playful, almost gentle drawing style to tackle issues that are anything but, Angelo is able to express a dismay about the human condition that never seems devoid of hope.”
CLAY BENNETT Editorial Cartoonist of the Chattanooga Times Free Press

“Angelo Lopez draws cartoons with a rare helping of empathy and compassion. In an era filled with an excess of vitriol it’s refreshing to come across Angelo’s cartoons that bring heart instead of hate, warmth instead of heat.”

“Each cartoon by Angelo Lopez contains its own story of the underdog resisting oppression, the worker fighting exploitation, the human being struggling for dignity in an unfair system. These poignant messages are perfectly expressed in an appealingly robust and clear visual style. This collection both informs and inspires!”
STEPHANIE MCMILLAN Political Cartoonist

My second book is called Tough Times and it collects my editorial cartoons from 2013 to 2015. These are cartoons from the Philippines Today and the Cartoon Movement.

Here is what my fellow cartoonists wrote about Tough Times:

“Angelo Lopez has a distinctive and excellent style of drawing, whether he’s working in scratchboard, acrylic or his typical style of pencils, pen and ink. He earnestly and directly takes on eternal subjects of human rights, discrimination, immigration, war, religion, poverty and politics. His cartoons evoke a classic 1930s agitation propaganda style of political cartooning. On closer inspection, however, Angelo’s work is much more gentle, almost sweet. He calls out religious and political extremism, reminds us of history and, at moments, has a profound understanding and empathy for human struggle. His basic decency and humanity shine through his work. You can’t help but like this guy.”
ANDY SINGER Political Cartoonist for No Exit

“Who else is creating political cartoons about the Filipino American Experience in the United States but Angelo Lopez. A brilliant draftsman, Lopez is making the serious and complex issues digestible for us mortals. He speaks in a voice that communicates perspectives from both the United States and its former colonies. This book is a sociological diary of a first generation, Filipino living the U.S. experience.”
ERIC J. GARCIA Political Satirist of El Machete Illustrated

“The cartoons of Angelo Lopez are immediately recognizable, not only because of Angelo’s distinctive style of drawing, but also because of the subjects they deal with. His unrelenting focus on justice, respect and tolerance, equality and inclusiveness make his cartoons truly unique.”
TJEERDS ROYAARDS Editor and Political Cartoonist of the Cartoon Movement

“Angelo Lopez has a unique and visually compelling cartoony style that always draws me in to see what he’s saying. Without fail, his work is thoughtful, compassionate, and intelligent.”
JEN SORENSEN Herblock Prize-winning Political Cartoonist and Editor

“Through the magic and ubiquity of the internet I have seen Angelo’s work for a number of years now. He is one of those rare fellow cartoonists who I wish I could draw like. Love it!”
DAVID COHEN Editorial Cartoonist for the Asheville (N.C.)Citizen-Times


About angelolopez

I’ve wanted to be an artist all my life. Since I was a child I’ve drawn on any scrap of paper I could get a hold of. When I went to San Jose State University, I became more exposed to the works of the great fine artists and illustrators. My college paintings were heavily influenced by the humorous illustrations of Peter De Seve, an illustrator for the New Yorker magazine. I also fell under the spell of the great muralists of the 1930s, especially Thomas Hart Benton and Diego Rivera. I graduated with a degree in Illustration. Since my time in college, my goal has been to be a successful children’s book illustrator. I’ve illustrated 3 books: Two Moms the Zark and Me by Johnny Valentine in 1993; Night Travelers by Sue Hill in 1994; and Cherubic Children’s New Classic Story Book Volume 2 for Cherubic Press in 1998. I’ve painted murals for Lester Shields Elementary School in San Jose, the Berryessa branch of the San Jose Public Library, and Grace Community Church in Los Altos. I’ve had a few illustrations published in South Bay Accent Magazine and I will have an illustration published in the January/February issue of Tikkun magazine.
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